About us

Ri.Mec.Srl is a dynamic company that for over 20 years has been providing companies with various services in the field of machine tools and Automation. In addition to offering 360-degree technical service, the company develops and manufactures automations also at a high technological level able to satisfy the various requests. A startup born a few years ago as a set of highly skilled professionals with decades of experience in the sector.

We work with

We mainly work with small and medium-sized companies operating in the automotive, household appliance, food, molds in general, machining and modeling.

What do we do

We mainly deal with the maintenance and repair of machine tools in the mechanical, electrical and electronic fields of any manufacturer. We also offer technical support for the development and production of automatic machine capable of reducing ed optimize production processes. Thanks to the professionality and twenty years of experience of our technicians, we are able to develop applications technologically advanced, maximizing results.