Service machine tools

  • Transducers functionality analysis by PWM20 Heidenhain
  • Harmonic vibration analysis
  • Geometric control and adjustment of machine tools by leveling and striking systems
  • Transport and placement of machine tools with testing and feedback
  • Mechanical, electrical and electronic repairs

Internal overhauls and repairs

  • Complete revisions of electrospindles and spindles of any manufacturer
  • Overhaul / repair of milling machines of any manufacturer
  • Numerical controls / retrofit repairs, plc programming and development
  • Repair / replacement of DC, brushless, torque, linear and three-phase asynchronous motors
  • Overhaul of heads / boards of any manufacturer and their installation in the machine
  • Technological updates of machine tools and implementation of machine directive

Transducers analysis

Axis analysis


Geometric control

Harmonic vibration analysis

Mechanical repairs

Spindle repairs

Mechanical repairs

Handling machine tools

Electronic repair


Movement machine tools

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